BrandArena: e-Government is imperative to strengthening transparency, accountability - Minister

Tuesday 26 January 2016

e-Government is imperative to strengthening transparency, accountability - Minister

In this 21st century, for governance to fully connect with the people, it services must also be digital as technology have made data processing and record keeping simpler and easier.

Against this backdrop, Nigeria's Minister of Communication, Adebayo Shittu has said e-government is imperative to strengthening transparency and accountability in government.

While speaking at the opening of the second in-country capacity development  programme with the theme "project for capacity building of e-government in Nigeria", Adebayo noted that since the world and the people have gone digital, it has become imperative for governance to also go digital.

According to him: "the ministry sees the overall purpose and rationale of the Nigeria e-government project as imperative to strengthen transparency and accountability in government and, therewith, upscale efficiency and excellence in public service and public service administration.

"With the creation of ministry of communications in July 2012, an expert platform was provided for institutionalizing a holistic approach to e-government from the standpoint of: infrastructure, skills, standards and patriotic duty.

This is coming at the government of Korea committed $4.5m to help Nigeria's e-government master plan, training centre and capacity development programme.

The project being implemented by  the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) will cover five years from 2013 -2018.

71 persons have participated in four previous exercises while seven people are currently undergoing a master degree programme on e-government at KOOKMIN University, Korea.

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