BrandArena: ECOBA Lagos Commended for Rewarding Outstanding Students of Edo College

Thursday, 23 July 2015

ECOBA Lagos Commended for Rewarding Outstanding Students of Edo College

Staffs, Parents and Students of Edo College, Benin City have applauded Edo College Old Boys Association, ECOBA, Lagos branch for rewarding outstanding students and staff of their Alma Mater. The association, last Friday, honoured fifteen students and one teacher of the college who have shown outstanding performance in the 2014/2015 academic session, at an elaborate event at the school’s premises in Benin, the Edo State capital.

Various prizes endowed by prominent members of the association across different subjects were given to students in various classes. This gesture, according to Mr. Godwin Ize Iyamu, Chairman of the association, is meant to recognize and reward academic excellence displayed by the students and the teacher’s dedication to duty.

In the Senior Secondary, SS 3 category, Senator David Dafinone Foundation’s Prize for Mathematics went to Master Shanomi Emmanuel, while the Foundation’s Prize for Economics was won by Master Osayande David.

Master Irhekpono Tevin won Mr. Edward E. Iyamu’s Prize for Physics, while Michael I. Omo Osagie Prize for Visual Arts went to Master Omere Victor. Madam Ofure Akpata’s Prize for Biology was won by Master Ugeokhe Osiga while Omaha’s Endowment Fund Prize for Geography went to Master Adonis Eugene. Sunday Airrue Uaboi’s prize for English Language was given to Efunnuga Adeyemi, while Senator David Dafinone Foundation’s prize for Accounts was awarded to Enogheghase Osamudiamen. The Osazenaya Osarenkhoe’s prize for Agricultural Science was awarded  to Oni Ogbemudia.

In the Senior Secondary, SS 2 category, Master Atavwoda Dennis won Engineer Emmanuel Aguele’s Prize for Mathematics.

In the Junior Secondary, JS 3 category, Mrs. Omokhuwe Alegeh’s Prize for English Language and Godwin Ize-Iyamu’s Prize for Mathematics went to Master Ikegwuonu Emmanuel.

In the area of Sports, the B.A.A Guobadia’s Prize for Athletics went005A   to Master Iyenoma Glory, while the Uyi Akpata’s Prize for the Best Sportsperson of the year was won by Master Ekhorutomen Osaro.

For teachers, Mr. Hensahw Igbinuwen won the Omaha’s Endowment Fund Prize for the Best Teacher in Geography.
All the winners were given cash prizes and plaques with their names inscribed on them.

Professor Enobakhare Samuel Akpata, Chairman Board of Administrators (ECOBA Lagos Education fund), explained that the initiative was successful because the association has an investment that supports the annual awards. Akpata noted that ECOBA Lagos Branch is peculiar because many old boys of Edo College are working in Lagos and so contribute to uphold the good name of the school.

The principal of the college, Mr. Omoruyi Raphael Osamudiamen said his staff and management of Edo College are indebted to ECOBA Lagos Branch for continuously giving awards. He added that the awards have served as motivation to the recipients as they are now popular amongst students who also aim high to win the award.

Mr. Shanomi Pourdillol, who spoke on behalf of the parents, commended the association for encouraging students yearly with the awards. He noted that Edo College is a citadel of knowledge that upholds discipline. He also praised the teachers of the school for their commitment and dedication to work.

Efunuga Adeyemi, on behalf of the students, thanked ECOBA Lagos Branch for the prizes and awards as he encouraged junior students to put in their best in acquiring knowledge so that they can also win awards in the future.
On his part, Tony Nwaochei, Secretary, ECOBA Lagos Branch encouraged students to put in their best in academics to become successful individuals after their educational pursuit.


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