BrandArena: Spectranet Introduces Amazing Offer, with Free Gigabytes

Tuesday 14 July 2015

Spectranet Introduces Amazing Offer, with Free Gigabytes

Spectranet4G LTE, internet service provider (ISP), has announced an amazing offer of 30GB FREE for every new modem purchased on the network even as existing subscribers enjoy rollover of unused data to the next month.

Speaking on the consumer promo, Mike Ogor, Spectranet’s Head of Marketing explained that the promotion is part of the company’s repositioning strategy to ensure that its customers experience the “new spirit of Spectranet”.

“Based on our aspiration of bridging the communication gap as well as building and deepening relationships and connectivity among families, businesses, etc we have introduced this amazing offer to encourage Nigeria to access the internet at an amazing cost that will enable families and organisation be more active on the net,” said Mr. Ogor.

With this offer, customers can own a high speed internet modem at a very affordable price. They can buy a modem at N16, 000 and get 30GB FREE or N12, 000 and get 5GB FREE. They can also roll over unused data to the next month.

Mr. Ogor added that, to make internet services affordable and easily accessible, the network has one of the most affordable data plans in the industry.

“We are providing the best offer in the market: Our 20GB plan costs only N7000 per month while the Knight N6,000 monthly data plan allows 40 GB translating only N150/GB.

“At Spectranet, we understand the needs of our customers very well and continue to improve services to offer the best internet solution in the country. As the 1st 4G LTE Network in Nigeria, Spectranet 4G LTE brings numerous benefits that provide a powerful broadband experience that is way beyond current 3G performance.

“Our focus is on providing families and small / medium sized businesses with a Fast and Smart link to their world. Smart because it is reliable and great value for money, fast because it rides on the very latest 4G LTE technology.” He said.

The Company’s CEO, Mr David Venn, also informed that Nigerians living in Ibafo and Mowe in Ogun State will begin to enjoy Smart internet service from July 20th 2015 with Spectranet’s expansion drive to provide affordable internet service for Nigerian families.

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