BrandArena: Lagos Jump: Mr. Ibu stars on Icerom's musical video

Monday 11 May 2015

Lagos Jump: Mr. Ibu stars on Icerom's musical video

Nollywood actor, John Okafor otherwise known as Mr. Ibu recently starred on renowned dancer and entertainer, Isaac Chinagorom aka Icerom’s latest musical video, titled: Lagos Jump.

Shot in Lagos, the video came as a re-launch for the one time celebrated world best dancer.

As directed by 9ty Films, the music features Lagos based rapper, Triple S, even as its video reels out dramatic and interesting scenes that would spur viewers to ask for more.

On his absence from the Nigeria music circle, Isaac Chinagorom who represented the country at the Malibu’s 1984 World Dance Championship in London and returned in flying colours said, “I left the country when music was not appreciated, but now, it is at the upward swing.”

Furthering, he said that in the 80s, the inventor of some dances like canoe paddling, imaginative rope, falling like a tree and backward dancing was not making money. “Then, we weren’t appreciated for doing music, but now, I can tell you that everything has changed.

 “Right now, I’m back. I can understand the latest trend, and I’m meeting up with its demand. My fans should expect the best, but from a newer dimension. Very soon, we will be on tour, and that will be another way for me to meet my fans at places of residence,” he said.

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