BrandArena: P&G Unveils Ariel Automatic in Nigeria

Monday 11 May 2015

P&G Unveils Ariel Automatic in Nigeria

P&G’s flagship laundry brand, Ariel – a world-class brand with an innovative pedigree – has announced the launch of Ariel Automatic powder to help Nigerians experience brilliant stain removal in 1 Wash with their automatic washing machines.

Ariel has decades of experience in the research and development of washing machine detergents and the new product is recommended by LG, the number one washing machine manufacturer in Nigeria. Ariel Automatic has been specifically formulated for automatic washing machines, with 2X more stain-fighting ingredients than traditional hand wash detergent.

Partnering with leading fashion designer, Folake Folarin-Coker, the launch of NEW Ariel Automatic unveiled an exclusive, cutting-edge washable line under her Tiffany Amber label, inspired by Ariel and the Perfect Match concept.

“I am proud to be associated with a global, leading brand that is also conscious of trends in African fashion. My designs have always reflected an eclectic mix of European and African influences, and with this line, these are combined in an expression of ‘the perfect match.’ Thanks to Ariel, I can also be confident that these garments will stay beautiful for longer, even as they are washed and cared for at home,” said Folarin-Coker.

Ariel has also partnered with the Vlisco Group’s Woodin brand to understand trends in African fabrics and thereby deliver cleaning that also protects and enhances the continent’s unique style.

“The Woodin brand is inspired by African culture and it is constantly evolving to define a new African fashion identity. We are excited to partner with Ariel to deliver our fans a cleaning solution that can keep their treasured Vlisco fabrics beautiful,” said Adaeze Alilonu, Marketing Manager, Vlisco Fabrics.

Speaking at the event, P&G Nigeria Commercial and Brand Director, Ehinomen Enekabor, said that: “Ariel believes that innovation starts with the consumer. We gain insights into people’s everyday lives, so that we can combine ‘what’s needed’ with ‘what’s possible’, through the latest technology and innovation. With more and more Nigerians investing in automatic washing machines, it is important that Ariel is able to offer them a world-class product, specifically designed for this purpose.”

She added that, “Ariel’s partnership with Ms Coker and with Vlisco Fabrics enables us to stay abreast of current industry trends in textile and fabric innovation, where imagination and technology combine to produce exciting new fashions. This further strengthens our ability to deliver Nigerians a product that will be the ‘perfect match’ for their style.”

Ariel Research and Development Manager, Patience N’Kamba Makenga wowed the audience with live demonstrations of NEW Ariel Automatic’s performance, not only its superior cleaning and stain-removal, but also how it helps to protect and enhance fabrics.

“Ariel’s 3-Step Fibre Science works deep down at a fibre level to clean, protect and enhance the sensorial qualities of clothes (the look, feel and scent). Ariel Automatic allows you to achieve the highest standard of clean in 1 Wash, while protecting your clothes and providing freshness throughout the day,” she said.

Explaining the importance of using the correct detergent she added that: “Regular hand wash detergent is less effective in machines because it produces too much foam, which may delay the washing cycle, reduce cleaning effectiveness and prevent proper rinsing. NEW Ariel Automatic is the perfect match for your washing machine to deliver brilliant cleaning results.”

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