BrandArena: CcHub Calls For Innovative Idea, To Give Out $25,000

Tuesday 21 April 2015

CcHub Calls For Innovative Idea, To Give Out $25,000

In a bid to encourage the development of Nigerian led solutions for real Nigerian problems, Lagos-based Co-Creation Hub (CcHub), a launch pad for start-ups, has announced its first call for ideas for 2015.

Since commenced operation in the country, CcHub has supported the development and launch of more than 50 innovative technology startups solving social challenges.

As an entrepreneur, you can submit an innovative idea that solves a real Nigerian problem to the CcHub Call for Ideas for up to $25,000 in investment as well as networks and market entry support to get you kick-started.

The programme  focuses on six key areas – Governance, Transportation, Healthcare, Education, Food Security and the Environment.

“We believe that by engaging a community of progressive stakeholders (end-users, subject matter experts, government agencies, businesses, academics, civil societies etc.) who bring their creativity and knowledge to play we can co-create solutions to social challenges faced by the average Nigerian,” CcHub said in a statement.

Ideas should be submitted by Sunday 31 May 2015. Ideas will be assessed by a panel, and those whose ideas are selected will be invited for an interview.

Prospective applicants are enjoined to consider 5 tips when applying:

  • Solve ONE clear problem: focus on one problem and not many
  • Understand the problem: observing the environment, infrastructure, culture and lives of people by being there.
  • Think creatively: start big, use constraints as a filter and find the simplest solution.
  • Identify a service gap: is there a service that isn’t being provided or not being provided to a satisfactory manner
  • Deliver value: what are the benefits for people using the end product, does it improve a persons life?

Following this, the most viable ideas will be taken into the CcHub Pre-Incubation and Incubation Programmes.

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