BrandArena: Pampers Builds Capability of Paediatricians in Nigeria; to Sponsor 7 Pediatric Doctors

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Pampers Builds Capability of Paediatricians in Nigeria; to Sponsor 7 Pediatric Doctors

Pampers, one of the leading brands of Procter & Gamble, announced that it will sponsor 7 Nigerian pediatric doctors to the United States of America (USA) for observer-ship and research scholar programs. This was announced at a press conference today in Enugu as part of the 44th Annual conference of the Paediatric association of Nigeria.

The program; called the Nurturing Childrens Development program is a partnership between Pampers and the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) with an objective of contributing towards improvement in the healthy development of infants and children worldwide.

The program, fully funded by Pampers, consists of 2 month observerships and a 9 month research scholarship at the prestigious Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Centre- one of the top pediatric hospitals and child health research institutions in the United States which has produced some of the most renowned pediatric research scientists, including Dr. Albert Sabin, discoverer of the oral polio vaccine.

Of the 7 paediatricians to benefit from the NCD program, six would benefit from the ‘Observership scholarships’ while one would take part in the research program. The programs would enable these doctors travel to Cincinnati to share knowledge on medical advances and administrative innovations at the Cincinnati Children’s and other hospital institutions in the surrounding area.

The beneficiaries of this program would be selected from hospitals across Nigeria through collaboration between Procter and Gamble and the Paediatric Association of Nigeria; PAN. The program which commenced in 2012 has so far seen 3 pediatricians’ leave to experience the observership programme and 1 research scholarship experience the 9 month research scholarship programme.

Dr. Dorothy Esangbedo, the President of the Paediatric Association of Nigeria, while speaking at the press
conference announcing the programme today said that the capacity building programme by Procter and
Gamble is very intuitive as it provides mid-career pediatric scholars to experience world class standard
and replicate what has been learnt into the Nigerian system. Esangbedo thanked PnG and urged other
corporate bodies to emulate the company.

Dr. Ekanem Ekure, the pioneer observer pediatrician from the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH)
commenting on her experience thanked the Pampers brand of the Procter & Gamble Company for giving
her this exposure opportunity. Further she stated that” due to the training I received in the Cincinnati
Childrens Hospital Medical Centre, my skills in pediatric echocardiography have improved greatly, and no
child requiring pediatric echocardiography leaves the hospital to look for this service. They are all attended
to here.”

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