BrandArena: Auto–parts dealer wins Salary4Life

Monday 18 February 2013

Auto–parts dealer wins Salary4Life

When Kelechi Ikechukwu Kalu, an auto-parts trader at the popular Ladipo Market in Mushin, Lagos got a phone call that he has won a princely sum of N24 million from Diamond Bank Plc, his first reaction was to regard the call as a bait from a fraud, and in a stern voice packed with all the force of his small frame, he had told the man on the phone to look elsewhere as he wasn't the get rich quick type.

When the caller was persistent however, he confided in Matthew, a friend, whose shop was next door and upon persuasion from the latter, had gone to the Ladipo branch of the bank to confirm what the 'mysterious' caller who introduced himself simply as Nonso, had told him. There, it was confirmed to him that his fortunes had indeed changed, as he has won the salary-for-life, in the January 2013 draw of the Diamond SavingsXtra reward scheme, now in its fifth season.

In that category, which is the highest haul, Kalu would on a monthly basis receive a N100,000 salary from the bank for 20 years. Kalu could not believe his luck. Yet he took the news with a pinch of salt and could hardly join in the wild jubilation with which his friend Matthew received the news. Such was his shock at the sudden transformation of his status that he came to the bank in his greasy work cloth. Only his bosom friend escorted him.

Asked how he felt after receiving his cheque from the bank last Friday, Kalu said, "I am happy. I couldn't believe it when I received the news, I am speechless, I thank God and I thank Diamond Bank."
Kalu becomes the second trader in the market to win the highest jackpot. The first was Mr. Sunday Omili, who has been receiving N100,000 salary from the bank since August last year.

Kalu was not the only customer whose status changed on Friday, 8 February 2013. The Ladipo branch of the bank also had another winner, Mr. Chinedu Venatus Ibekame, an auto spare parts trader at the market who won N250,000 in the weekly draws category.

The Business Manager of the Ladipo Branch, Mr. Nonso Anyaegbuna who was the official that notified Kalu of his good fortune described the SavingsXtra account as a unique account for individuals wishing to build up their savings.

He said, "It is an interest-yielding savings account which allows the deposit of both cash and other banks’ cheques. In addition, SavingsXtra account holders get a debit card and a cheque book, which can be used to withdraw from their accounts at any Diamond branch. It is a simple and straightforward savings account that comes with a low minimum opening and operating amount of N5, 000 with free access to all electronic banking channels.”

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