BrandArena: Samsung Challenging iTunes U with Galaxy Learning Hub

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Samsung Challenging iTunes U with Galaxy Learning Hub

Samsung Korea has introduced it is to roll out a new learning platform for its Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9. The Learning Hub platform will offer educational content including 6,000 textbooks and videos from 30 different education service providers.

According to a release by the company, the Hub training platform from Samsung featuring the first 30 major domestic and international education as a service provider in partnership with 6,000 U / is expected to provide free content. In addition, a variety of multimedia teaching and learning along with the hub.

Problem solving through interactive materials, automatic scoring, incorrect notes, such as learning management capabilities to support a self-guided learning environment.

In Korea, elementary education textbooks genius / lectures, emergency education and secondary materials of Vita Edu / Teaching, YBM language textbook / lecture, edyuwil. Certification courses, lectures, etc. hyunet literacy to adults of all ages from elementary school to learn a variety of education is planning to offer content.

Tablets, smart phones, mobile learning, such as eco-system: Learning Hub gaelreoksitaep 10.1 and gaelreoksitaep 8.9 LTE in tablet applications, such as Smart Edu or samseongaepseu through you will be able to download and use.

"Samsung smartphones such as the future in order to support the terminal will expand. Running through the hub, as well as a small training companies, private operators can anyone provide educational content that will help enable mobile learning market is expected".

"On the other hand, MWC 2012, as demonstrated in the booth decorated like a real classroom receiving instruction through learning hub so you can enjoy the same user will experience", it reads.

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