BrandArena: Meta Introduces Video Messaging Feature on WhatsApp

Thursday, 27 July 2023

Meta Introduces Video Messaging Feature on WhatsApp

Meta has announced a new WhatsApp feature that allows users to send and receive short video messages in their chats, enhancing the messaging experience with more emotion and personality.

Instant video messages are comparable to voice messaging in that they contain video. The recording method is similar to that of voice messages. Users can switch to video mode by tapping the button to the right of the text field and share up to 60 seconds of video with their contacts. They can also swipe up to lock the video and record it hands-free.

Video messages appear in conversations in a circular style, which is likely to distinguish them from conventional videos. They play on mute by default, however, users can hear the sound by tapping on them.

Mark Zuckerberg has come under fire for allegedly stealing features from Twitter and Telegram for his services. However, I believe that these activities are simply reactions to user preferences. Many users have voiced a desire for certain fundamental Telegram functionality to be available on WhatsApp. In response, Meta, WhatsApp's parent company, has taken this input into consideration and incorporated the required functionalities.

Video messages on WhatsApp are here to stay, and I can't wait for the functionality to arrive on my Samsung handset. Meta also mentioned that they use end-to-end encryption to keep your messages secure. This previous beta feature is now being given out to more WhatsApp users on both the iOS and Android platforms, beginning today.

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