BrandArena: Providus Bank team up with GEN Nigeria to deepen Entrepreneurship in Nigeria

Thursday 22 June 2023

Providus Bank team up with GEN Nigeria to deepen Entrepreneurship in Nigeria

Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) Nigeria has announced a strategic partnership with Providus Bank to provide budding entrepreneurs with access to finance, capacity building, networking opportunities, and ecosystem development in order to deepen Nigerians' entrepreneurship skills and drive growth in the sector.

The media briefing to announce the signing of the unite and collaborate for a strategic Partnership agreement between both organisations took place at the Providus Bank headquarters in Victoria Island Lagos and was attended by Managing Director, GEN Nigeria, Dr. Olawale Anifowose,  Team Lead, Strategic Partnership and Businesses Development, Providus Bank, Ms. Oluwadamilola Feyide, and Director Enterprise Development and Promotion, Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency Of Nigeria (SMEDAN), Mr. Monday Ewans.

Others are the Head, of Strategy and Business Development, Providus Bank, Ernest Elue, strategic partners and previous winners of GEN Nigeria competitions.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Anifowose said, “This partnership basically means that the work we are doing at the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) Nigeria can be scaled. For the better part of our activities in GEN Nigeria, we only focus on 3 or 4 states but with this partnership, we are able to scale it to 20 locations and that is very significant for us because we want to make the resources and reach more accessible for Nigerians.”

Under this partnership, GEN Nigeria and Providus Bank will collaborate on various activities including Entrepreneurship Programs: Together, we implement entrepreneurship programs that cater to the specific needs of Nigerian entrepreneurs. These programs will focus on nurturing talent, fostering innovation, and providing access to vital resources and mentorship.

Financial Support: Providus Bank will extend financial support to GEN Nigeria's entrepreneurship initiatives, enabling the organization to scale its impact and reach a wider network of entrepreneurs across the country. This support will include grants, investment opportunities, and access to financial services tailored for entrepreneurs.

Capacity Building: GEN Nigeria and Providus Bank will jointly organize workshops, training sessions, and seminars to equip entrepreneurs with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in their ventures. These capacity-building initiatives will cover a wide range of topics including business development, financial management, marketing strategies, and more.

Ecosystem Development: The partnership will focus on strengthening and expanding the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Nigeria by fostering collaborations among stakeholders including startups, investors, and policymakers. By creating a supportive ecosystem, we aim to accelerate the growth and success of Nigerian entrepreneurs.

According to Ms. Oluwadamilola Feyide, ‘As part of this 1-year strategic partnership, GEN Nigeria and Providus Bank will join forces to further enhance the entrepreneurial landscape in Nigeria. The partnership aims to leverage the strengths and expertise of both organizations to foster innovation, provide capacity-building opportunities, and create an enabling environment for entrepreneurship to thrive.

Dr. Anifowose stated that GEN Nigeria and Providus Bank share a common vision of driving economic development through entrepreneurship. This strategic partnership underscores our commitment to nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit in Nigeria and propelling the nation towards sustainable economic growth.

“We are excited about the potential impact this partnership will have on the Nigerian entrepreneurial ecosystem and look forward to the positive outcomes it will bring. Together, we will empower entrepreneurs, create job opportunities, and contribute to building a prosperous and innovative Nigeria.”

GEN Nigeria, the local implementation partner of the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN), has been at the forefront of creating a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in Nigeria. Through a range of programs, initiatives, and collaborations, GEN Nigeria empowers aspiring and established entrepreneurs, supports innovation, and promotes the spirit of entrepreneurship across the country. 

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