BrandArena: Omolaraeni Olaosebikan: A profile of an event planner creating memorable moments

Wednesday 7 September 2022

Omolaraeni Olaosebikan: A profile of an event planner creating memorable moments

Interestingly, lots of parties and events, mostly take place in Nigeria every weekend and behind the refreshing glamour are some individuals who work assiduously to ensure that things perfectly hold together. One of these unique individuals is this unassuming and elegant lady, Omolaraeni Olaosebikan, the CEO of Perfect Clicks Signature a leading event planner with a rich clientele that cut across all walks of life.

Specifically, her clientele is mostly the cream of the society, high-ranked politicians, royalties blue chip companies, multinationals and various corporate organizations across Nigeria. Impressively, her clients are drawn to her attention to detail as well as the class and elegance she brings to all her events.

Omolaraeni has perfected her highly cherished skills of transforming spaces into wonderlands; meeting the taste of her clients. Her diligence and passion stand her out in the competitive market of event planning and management. She attributed her staying power to her esteemed passion for the job.

Perfect Clicks Signature, the event coverage arm of the wide range of her business and expertise is one of the biggest event planning outfits in Nigeria giving events the desired touch of music, colours, discussions, security,  decorations etc.; while also bearing in mind that Event Planning encompasses all aspects of a ceremony, from its initial conception and idea-generating stage through to the tiny bit of the details of the event itself without snags.

Olaosebikan's entrepreneurial tentacles are spread across six categories, one of them is McEnies Global Communications, which involves Public Relations, Corporate Communications, Sales promotions, media management, Advertising and Media Consultants.

 Second in line is McEnies Global Events, which involves Event Planning and Management, Destination events, Hall scouting and negotiation, event consultancy, event productions, security and corporate pickup. Thirdly is McEnies Events and Protocols, which are, Ushering services, bouncer services, stage designs and decorations, and event coordination.

 The fourth category is McEnies Management Consultancy which is solely about Human Resources and Management consultancy. The fifth category is the Perfect Clicks Signature, which involves Event coverage, e.g., Photography, Videography, drone flying, live streaming, etc., others in this category are post-event productions which include Royal frames, synthetic Photobooks, acrylic frames etc.

And lastly, is the Ruby Models Company, which involves a Children's Modelling agency, children's voice-over artist management, talent hunt and management etc. She has a lot in her portfolio to the satisfaction of her clients.

This Ekiti-born entrepreneur, on her part, has professionally and courteously made the management and delivery of hitch-free events her preoccupation, and consistently made the satisfaction of her clients her core priority. Her proclivity toward Event Planning and the different range of businesses she finds herself in are borne out of her resolve to be positively impactful to humanity in a unique way.

Olaosebikan during her monthly media chat with some selected media executives at a hotel in Victoria Island, Lagos on Thursday, September 1, 2022 said: “We thank God Almighty for our rising profile, and I assure our clients that we will never disappoint them as we journey ahead in our symbiotic relationships. Our records are there in the public domain, at Perfect Clicks Signature, our honest resolve is to do our best to explore every acceptable medium, with our target audience being both old and young. The local newspaper is not left out, broadcast media, the online media, including social media,” she said.

On her penchant for success, Omolaraeni believes attributes are required to drive a successful event and they are mainly two; Communication and Teamwork.

“From my experience over the years, I can reliably say communication is key to listening, understanding and communicating with clients. People have different tastes. So you have to hold that conversation to be able to know what they want. While working with my team members and different vendors, communication is key. Having clients who also listen and trust your judgment is also very important,” she said.

Explaining her points on teamwork, she stated: “For me, I always believe the input of a photographer is required, the videographer, the decorator, caterer, bouncers, the baker, the MC, the DJ or live band as the case may be and so much more to execute a brief. With attention to the tiniest details on all sides, this of course will make the client to go home fulfilled” she stated.

Whilst reacting to how some difficult clients are handled, the Perfect Clicks Signature CEO said she was privileged to have worked with various clients, adding that her prerequisite training and courteous nature often give her an edge in overcoming pressures and challenges as they come.

“Without sounding immodest, I believe that no matter how difficult someone is, there is always a deal breaker for that person and once you find it and a compromise is made then the issue is settled it becomes a win-win for all concerned parties.

“If you are truly knowledgeable of your onions, all you need to do is, project yourself well, put your best efforts in every job you get, notwithstanding the amount you are paid must be accordingly utilized,” she advised.

“The fact that you have collected the job, and committed yourself to do the job, you must go all out to deliver a good service. At the end of the day, it is the outlook that people will see, not the amount you were paid. People must understand that you are so privileged to market yourself in a circle of almost 2,000 people. So you must give it your best and ensure the event is well delivered. If the event is properly handled, you will probably be able to knock down one or two potential clients through your perfect delivery, and as our name suggests, Perfect Clicks Signature.

“I must also emphasize that once you get a brief, you have to go all out and deliver well because you have a reputation to protect. There are clients who are not patient enough to see the outcome of the service you aim to deliver. They always want to interrupt the process. I always tell people that you cannot appreciate the process until you see the end result. What they initially see as impossible later becomes something to treasure at the end,” she stressed.

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