BrandArena: Canon collaborates with Pro Series Gaming and NRG Radio for Pro Series Gaming Fatalis Mortal Kombat tournament

Wednesday 3 August 2022

Canon collaborates with Pro Series Gaming and NRG Radio for Pro Series Gaming Fatalis Mortal Kombat tournament

Canon a pioneer of innovative imaging products, Pro Series Gaming, and NRG Radio, have collaborated on the PSG Fatalis Mortal Kombat tournament. The qualifying round of Pro Series Gaming’s (PSG) Africa Mortal Kombat Tournament took place on July 9th, 2022, at NRG Studios in Nairobi, Kenya.

This year’s tournament, which was sponsored by Canon, brought the best pro-gamers in Africa together to determine who the best Game eSports athlete is, in a one-on-one tournament. The grand finale event, including LAN Party, the Fatalis Finals, and a Cosplay competition, took place on 30th July where the victor claimed the title of PSG Fatalis Champion, and took home an attractive pool of prizes.

Spectators, enthusiasts, and newcomers to gaming could watch the thrilling action play out on a giant LED backdrop with live commentary, as competing pro-gamers took to the stage to battle it out. The Africa Mortal Kombat Tournament provides an exciting opportunity for Canon to demonstrate its innovative technologies, products, and services, using the company’s full breadth of industry-leading imaging solutions to help the gaming action be seen like never before.

Canon’s EOS M50 Mark II ( camera was used to capture and live stream the competition finale. This compact but powerful mirrorless camera with 3.5mm microphone input, clean HDMI and USB output allow easy recording and uploading of content during live events and games. EOS M50 Mark II’s enhanced mobile connectivity via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will allow organizers to directly upload content to social media channels for fans to catch the action as it happens.

Renowned Kenyan eSports stars and gaming influencers, Sylvia Gathoni, known as “Queen Arrow and Brian Diang’a popularly known as “Brianthebeast19” kept the crowds energized and engaged leading up to and during the finale, and they shared their own experiences with the EOS M50 Mark II camera.

Whatever content you create, set yourself apart from the crowd and give your audience something special. The EOS M50 Mark II gives you more ways to shoot photos, movies and live streams and connect with your followers.

“We are thrilled to be able to support the gaming industry by showcasing the capabilities of Canon’s state of the art technology. Live streaming of games has seen a surge in popularity over recent years. In the first quarter of 2022, viewers spent a combined total of 6.13 billion hours ( watching their favorite gamers live streaming,” explains, Canon’s Central and North Africa, Director of Sales and Marketing Amine Djouahra. “The EOS M50 Mark II was specifically developed with content creators of all types in mind, giving them multiple ways to shoot photos, movies, and live streams. For gamers that means being able to invite their fans to the live action, increasing engagement and growing the gaming community. Digital gaming in Kenya has become hugely popular and we’re excited to be a part of this growing sport through our cutting-edge technology, and support Africa’s gamers on their quests.”

Dennis Waita, Team Lead PSG - “The African digital gaming community has a large following, particularly in Kenya, and this year’s PSG Fatalis is set to attract a bigger number of gamers joining in from different countries across Africa to get the ultimate gaming experience. The level of eSports awareness in Kenya has increased rapidly and the number of tournaments is also increasing. eSport is an important driving force in the African video game industry as more young people are participating and seeing it as a career opportunity.

PSG Fatalis Mortal Kombat (MK) 11 tournament organizers invited Pro-players, casual gamers who aspire to be professionals, and gaming enthusiasts from across the continent to join in the fun. Round 1 for qualifiers was held on July 9th and the finals occurred on July 30th. Winners of this tournament also took home Canon products including printers, cameras as well as Canon branded merchandise.

The best part? We called out all gamers to join this one-of-a-kind tournament for an opportunity to be a double winner on 30th July. They got to take home the coolest Canon give away yet!

We had something for everyone including our non-pro- gamers! From the 16th July, we ran competitions on PSG Socials: @proseriesgaming on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook. Hoodies, Bluetooth speakers, comic books, tickets to Naiccon, branded bottles, bean bags and a livestream session with Brian the Beast was up for grabs!

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