BrandArena: WhatsApp tests new feature that allows group admins to delete "any message" for everyone

Monday 1 August 2022

WhatsApp tests new feature that allows group admins to delete "any message" for everyone

Whatsapp is making it much easier for group admins to properly moderate their WhatsApp groups.

WABetInfo has just revealed a new update that WhatsApp is releasing a new feature that would allow group admins to remove any message for everyone.

If you are the admin of a particular WhatsApp group, you will see an option to delete anyone’s messages in your group. Everyone in the group will be able to see that the admin has deleted the message. You yourself will be able to see the “You deleted this message as admin” note after you delete message(s) in the group as an admin.

This feature could be useful at times to control the activity in a group. With this feature, admins could also be held responsible in case of some serious issues. As admins will be having more power over the content that’s being shared in the Whatsapp group.

Whatsapp is yet to confirm this feature, but WABetainfo reveals that you might already have this feature if you are a beta tester.

To check if you have received this feature or not, simply try deleting any incoming messages as an admin. If you are able to delete incoming messages, great.

If you are unable to delete incoming messages, do not worry as it may be rolled out to you soon. Whatsapp is testing with this feature with limited users, so if you get it, consider yourself lucky.

The Instant messaging app continues to add new features in order to enhance the experience, while keeping it safe at the same time.

Last month, it added more emojis for message reactions than the initial six, to allow users choose any emoji they would like to react to a message in a single or group chat.

In June, it introduced the Zoom-liked feature to mute a caller when he or she forgets to do so which essentially would help to make group calling easier for more users.

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