BrandArena: Meta research reveals trends and behaviours of consumers during Ramadan

Thursday 21 April 2022

Meta research reveals trends and behaviours of consumers during Ramadan

...72% of consumers buy products this Ramadan that they first discovered on Facebook and/or Instagram

Ramadan is unlike any other time of year. It is a season of transformation that changes the behaviours and attitudes of many people around the world and provides them with a renewed sense of purpose. This global season of reflection and introspection is observed by almost two billion people around the world, fasting daily and connecting with friends and family. 

Gifting and shopping are also a big part of the Ramadan season and as a result, many discoveries are taking place across borders because of the shifts in people’s openness to exploring new things during Ramadan.

Elizma Nolte, Head of Marketing, Africa at Meta said: "Ramadan is a time of transformation and celebration for people around the world. By enabling easier discovery, reducing friction and delivering messaging that feels inclusive and representative, brands can meaningfully connect with this diverse community of observers and shoppers.”

To better understand the behaviours of people who observe Ramadan and who shop for this season, Facebook IQ, Meta’s Insights and Research division, in partnership with YouGov, a global public opinion and data company, has unveiled findings of a study conducted during Ramadan 2021  titled ‘Ramadan and Eid Study’, with over 18,000 respondents across twelve countries including Nigeria. Approximately 1,500 interviews were completed with samples that were representative of the adult online population across age, gender and region in each market.

The research highlights the booming e-commerce industry is significantly driving the digital economy in Nigeria. Here are four tips for Nigerian businesses to leverage shift in mindsets and effectively unlock new opportunities for discovery during the season:

● Discover how people support businesses during Ramadan

The theme of giving back is deeply rooted in Ramadan. People are increasingly giving back with time and money - and this extends to local businesses too. 86% agree that brands should find ways of giving back during Ramadan. As people personally contribute to their communities, they increasingly expect the same of businesses. They want brands to express their values, speak authentically and stand up for causes they care about. 

In fact, the research also shows that 71% of survey respondents in Nigeria became more interested in a brand after learning about their business practices. That is why brands must raise awareness of their support for local businesses and the community during the month of good in a clear and simple way. During Ramadan, 50% of respondents say that they show support for local businesses by following or liking their business page on social media. 

49% of respondents say that they support local businesses by making a conscious effort to purchase from them while 48% of respondents recommend small businesses to family and friends. By leveraging this information, local businesses can better position themselves to be discovered during the #MonthOfGood, giving them an opportunity to drive commerce and reach new audiences.

● Learn about content preferences

During Ramadan, people look to Meta services like Facebook and Instagram to connect with online communities, stay entertained and learn new things. They also desire inclusive and representative Ramadan content from brands on Instagram and Facebook. The research shows that 96%  of survey respondents in Nigeria are open to brands/businesses advertising to them on Facebook or Instagram during the Ramadan/Eid al-Fitr season. 

While the majority of the respondents would like to see content that is informative, authentic, inspiring and creative, 49% of respondents say that they would also like to see content that updates them on latest offers and discounts. Knowing this, businesses can leverage Meta services to reach new audiences and unlock opportunities for commerce.

● Explore partnerships with Creators and Influencers

Creators offer a new source of credibility.  Amongst the Ramadan observing and shopping community surveyed in Nigeria, 53% agreed that public figures and celebrities influence their purchasing decisions as they offer impartial advice. Interestingly, 77% of these respondents also say that following these public figures is a great way to discover new trends. With the world of creators predicted to grow by another $4.1billion this year alone, now is the time for brands to engage and partner with creators to help reach new audiences in an authentic way and should explore collaborating with creators who can inspire, generate deals and announce trends.

● Explore purchasing behaviours

There is a need for businesses to dive deeper into how people evaluate and make purchases for the season and what factors inform those market decisions. The demand from shoppers online is greater than ever as they spend less time shopping in physical stores during the month of Ramadan. 88% of respondents say online shopping is the easiest way to discover products, indicating a 4% increase from 2020. This shows that more people have embraced online shopping as the preferred alternative for making purchases during Ramadan. 

The research shows 82% of respondents agreeing that Facebook and/or Instagram helps them discover new products and services during the Ramadan season with 72% of respondents buying products this Ramadan that they first discovered on Facebook and/or Instagram. 74% of the respondents also confirmed they would try new brands when they shop e-commerce and retail. This means that brands must leverage the different purchasing behaviours during the month of Ramadan and adapt their business to reach the right audience online, where they are most likely to be found.

You can also take a closer look at the FBIQ Ramadan Interactive Report explore, compare and filter the findings to inform your Ramadan planning, understand audience expectations and forge more meaningful connections.


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