BrandArena: Last-mile delivery in Nigeria: The French Start-up Kwik is taking the market by storm

Thursday 4 July 2019

Last-mile delivery in Nigeria: The French Start-up Kwik is taking the market by storm

Launched on the 26th June 2019 on both Apple Appstore and Google Play by the French start-up Africa Delivery Technologies, the Kwik app aspires to quickly become the Number #1 of last-mile delivery services in Nigeria.

“Kwik aims to become the first platform for last-mile delivery in urban areas in Nigeria before extending its scope to neighbouring countries. We’re targeting 100,000 deliveries per day in three cities before 2021”, explains Romain POIROT-LELLIG, Founder & CEO of Africa Delivery Technologies (ADT), developer of the Kwik app.

Kwik connects independent delivery partners, either owners and/or drivers of a vehicle, with customers who need reliable, affordable and flexible delivery solutions. The Kwik app comes with an integrated geolocation system and offers an efficient transportation service for small packages (up to 25kg) or documents, following the same model as Go-Jek, Uber or Taxify.

Kwik’s value proposition is simple and straightforward: to ensure the fast, reliable and efficient delivery of a package or envelope in Lagos, Nigeria’s business capital. Currently, Kwik’s competitors offer a service that takes 12 hours and costs between 2,000 and 3,000 nairas (4-8 euros) per delivery from Lagos to Lagos. Kwik promises to offer a service of higher added value within 2 hours and for a third of the price, with an integrated geolocation and proof of delivery system that offers the highest degree of security available on the market.

The service offered by the company is available through the Kwik app or via a web browser. The couriers are geo-located in real-time. The payment can either take place beforehand by credit card via the Nigerian fintech Paga’s system (12 million users) or in cash.

Kwik focuses particularly on B2B clients and allows them to createtour deliveries on the fly, set up recurring delivers, manage users, and so on. Additional insurance services are currently under development.

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