BrandArena: Yuletide Season: A Time To Celebrate, Be Security Conscious And Vigilant

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Yuletide Season: A Time To Celebrate, Be Security Conscious And Vigilant

Once again, the yuletide season is here, a period popularly known for festivities, fun and more expenses. While shops are busy stocking their stores, individuals are also spending lavishly to partake in the celebration.  Travelling plans is also usually in full gear and for those who will not be travelling, they will be consumed by various events and concerts lined up for the season.

The need to be security conscious and vigilant during this yuletide season cannot be overemphasized, just as everyone is anxious about the holidays, the men of the underworld are also devising and innovating ways to beat security and take advantage of unassuming persons.

As you go about your daily endeavors this season, here are some safety and preemptive tips that will keep you miles ahead of detractors.

While at home, ensure all your gates and doors are properly locked. Do not open the door for strangers. Leave strict instructions with your children/wards not to grant access to strangers. To protect your loved ones and property; install security access control, electric fence technology and burglary alarm.

Ensure you have security personnel phone numbers in the event of emergencies or better still install an automated gate.

If you notice usual loitering or suspicious acts near your home, take note of the situation and dial your state police emergency numbers, if in Lagos dial any of these numbers 08063299264, 08127155071, 08079279349, 08065154338, 08127155150, 07035068242 and 08060357795.

While driving, ensure you wear a seat belt, change route and drive to a public area if you notice you are being followed.  If an egg is thrown on your windshield, do not stop nor use your wipers. Drive quickly to a safe location before looking for help.

To guard against inside collaborators and internal theft, install a closed circuit television today, do not procrastinate, call 08066506766,09026207189 at Wiltrend Professional Services Limited
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