BrandArena: CNN Secures First FAA Waiver to Fly Drones Over Crowds

Thursday, 19 October 2017

CNN Secures First FAA Waiver to Fly Drones Over Crowds

Cable News Network (CNN) has been granted a waiver to make routine drone flights above crowds, a milestone for the drone industry, which is expected to experience dramatic growth in the next few years.

The Part 107 waiver represents the first time the Federal Aviation Administration has awarded a waiver for unlimited flights of unmanned aerial vehicles over people, the news network said in a statement.  FAA rules prohibit drone flights over people, but waivers are available when applicants can demonstrate no risk of injury.

"This waiver signifies a critical step forward not only for CNN's UAS operations, but also the commercial UAS industry at large," David Vigilante, senior vice president of legal for CNN, said in a statement.

CNN said it will be able, for the first time, to fly an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) over open-air assemblies, up to 150 feet above ground level.

CNN already obtained waivers to fly a smaller craft over people and one for using UAS on closed sets for TV and film.

In August 2016, CNN launched a dedicated drone unit to provide aerial shots for all networks and platforms.

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