BrandArena: Rolex ranks highest on the list of World's most reputable companies

Thursday 30 June 2016

Rolex ranks highest on the list of World's most reputable companies

Rolex has topped the RepTrak list for the World’s most reputable company for 2016.
According to the Reputation Institute, This exercise is conducted annually to measure the reputation of the world’s 100 most highly regarded and familiar companies in 15 countries. Rolex this year topped the first 100 on the list as the only watch brand.

The Reputation Institute conducts an yearly survey across industries and in 15 countries to come up with a ranking which they call the RepTrak Pulse. The process measures a company’s ability to deliver on stakeholder expectations on 7 key dimensions of reputation which includes Products and Services, Innovation, Workplace, Governance, Citizenship, Leadership and Performance.

Each which will earn the company support from its stakeholders
  •     Purchase
  •     Recommend
  •     Crisis proof
  •     Verbal Support
  •     Invest
  •     Work
Rolex was ranked 4th in 2015 but rose to 1st in 2016. Two other companies with links to the watch space do appear in the list. LVMH at no 47, down from 44 last year and the Swatch Group at no 53, up from 58 last year.

One notable absence from the RepTrak 100 is German automaker Volkswagen, whose reputation dropped by 13.7 points globally in the wake of an emissions scandal. VW earned a strong RepTrak Pulse score of 75 in 2015, good enough for 14th place on the Global RepTrak 100 that year, but dropped to an average RepTrak Pulse score of 61.3 in 2016, falling to 123rd position.

Euro Global unveils Power Bitters Lite, a variant of the popular Power Bitter herbal drink

Euro Global Foods and Distilleries Limited has introduced Power Bitters Lite, a ready to drink variant of the popular Power Bitters herbal drink, into the market to cater to the needs of the growing demography of Nigerian consumers who prefer reduced alcohol content in their bitters.

Speaking on the product, Mr. Manish Uniyal, Managing Director, Euro Global Foods and Distilleries Limited, said “Power Bitters Lite is made from natural herbs, spices and fruit extracts blended with 6% alcohol content only. It is perfect for those who are health conscious but still ready to indulge themselves. We quite confident that this variant will be a runaway success just like the Power Bitters.”

Mr. Felix Aighobahi, Marketing Director, Euro Global Foods and Distilleries disclosed that the new variant was produced with the customers in mind. “Over time we’ve received feedback from our dealers and distributors in the market on consumers’ request for a lighter variant of Power Bitters and we decided to act on them leading to the birth of Power Bitters Lite which we are quite certain will impact the market positively.” He said.

“Power Bitters Lite has already hit the markets through our network of dealers and distributors across the country. We will be embarking on road shows and other activations to introduce the product to Nigerians and have them sample it in the coming weeks. Aighobahi added

Power Bitters Lite is package in 33cl glass bottle and 33cl can which sells for N130 and N155 respectively.

Euro Global Foods and Distilleries is a subsidiary of Sona Group of Companies, a conglomerate with interests in diverse sectors of the Nigerian economy ranging from beverages, agro allied, and packaging, to properties, energy and recycling. Euro Global is the maker of the highly successful Sabrina Gin, the Amphora range of wines and Julius Tonic wine. 

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