BrandArena: Nigerian Breweries Advocates Moderation On Beer Consumption

Tuesday 3 May 2016

Nigerian Breweries Advocates Moderation On Beer Consumption

With the increasing demand for delectable beer as several global researchers reveal its health benefits, the pioneer and largest brewing company in Nigeria, Nigerian Breweries Plc has yet urged consumers to drink beer moderately and maintain healthy lifestyle.

Speaking during a 4-day training held for Bloggers at its Ibadan Brewery recently, Senior Strategy Manager of Nigerian Breweries Plc, Tony Agenmonmen noted that while beer is a natural drink, and when consumed moderately may have positive health effects, it shouldn't be abused.

"It is well known that alcohol abuse is bad for you. But it is less known that moderate beer consumption may be good for you. The major protective agent is the alcohol itself. A significant amount of scientific research shows that moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages may lower the risk of coronary heart disease, mainly with men over 45 and women over 55.

"However, drinking more than moderate amounts can raise the risk of motor vehicle crashes, other injuries, high blood pressure, stroke and certain types of cancer. Heavy drinkers are also at risk of malnutrition because alcohol contains calories that may substitute for those in nutritious foods”, he said.

Professor of Human Nutrition at the Department of Human Nutrition, University of Ibadan, Prof. Tola Atinmo, during a presentation at the training titled: "Beer as Part of a Healthy Life Style", stressed that a healthy lifestyle is by choice, not by chance.

He pointed out beer can have serious negative repercussions on an individual when it is chronically abused. “Moderation and a healthy respect for this substance will prevent many of these problems. Addiction, stomach ulcers, obesity, cirrhosis liver are some of the common effect of long term alcohol abuse”, he stated.

Prof. Atinmo concluded that there is a positive synergy between moderate beer consumption and a healthy life style. He adding that only the uninformed will fear beer.

The World Health Organization suggests that 60 grams of alcohol per day should be a maximum. For a beer of 5% alcohol by volume, this equates to approximately 4% alcohol by weight, this means 1.5 litres or two bottles. Hence, 2-3 units for women a day and 3-4 units for men a day were suggested.

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