BrandArena: Fairytale triumph could net Leicester City €190m

Tuesday 3 May 2016

Fairytale triumph could net Leicester City €190m

One of the biggest story in the world of football in the last 24 hours is Leicester City's Premier League triumph. The laudable performance of the club is set to have a massive impact on the club's bottom line.

Research from analysts according to sports data and marketing firm Repucom estimated that the victory is worth £150m (€190m).

This number is made up of some £90m in prize money from the Premier League, money from taking part in the UEFA Champions League and increased TV and match day revenue.

The winners of the top seven leagues in Europe and this year's Champions League holders will enter the 2016-17 tournament as top seeds, increasing the club's chances of getting a favourable draw.

Participation in the Champions League is particularly lucrative, the club will be awarded £9.3m for qualifying while each win is rewarded with a £1.2m payout and clubs are paid £390,000 for drawing. This also means that the club will get a significant cut of the £897m three-year investment that British broadcaster BT has made in European football rights. The pot for 2016-17 is close to £75m.

This summer sees the latest monster-TV rights deal comes into effect for the Premier League - Sky Sports and BT paid a combined £5.14bn (€6.95bn) to air the live-action. It works out as £10m per game, £111,111 per minute, and £1,852 for each second of live televised top-flight English football aired between 2016 and 2019.

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