BrandArena: announces Top Search And Purchase Trends of Q1 2016

Thursday 24 March 2016 announces Top Search And Purchase Trends of Q1 2016

It’s the first quarter of the year and the results of the most searched and purchased items compiled by the Kaymu Business Intelligence and SEO teams are out. The Android Tablet with a Detachable Keyboard tops the list as the most purchased item and Tecno Mobile gets the top spot for the most popular search.

“Most buyers search for generic fashion items like women’s clothes, shoes, as well as popular tech gadgets like iPhone 6 or Android tablets and naturally this is correlated with what they end up purchasing,” commented Idris Muhammed, Head of Business Intelligence at “We made sure we exhausted every data available at our disposal to compile this list and it can be seen that most online shoppers have one thing in common: the desire to have the best shopping experience without leaving their comfort zones”.

The Kaymu BI and SEO teams’ top 10 list for Most Searched Items in Q1 2016;

    Tecno Mobile:
Tecno phones top our search for the 1st quarter of 2016. Tecno phones have managed to gain popularity amongst people looking to buy affordable Android phones with unique features that end users enjoy. With fingerprint sensor phones, low light camera phones with LED flash, pre installed music player app, Tecno phones have remained cost-effective and of high quality which is the major reason they are sought after.

    iPhone 6: With Over 61 million iPhones sold worldwide and with no signs of sales slowing down, it is no surprise that the iPhone 6 is at the 2nd position on our list. With geo-tagging, face and smile detection, fingerprint sensor, active noise cancellation with a dedicated mic, iOS 8 pre-installed (upgradable to iOS9.3) and ion-strengthened glass, iPhone 6 is definitely worth having.

    Brazilian Wool: This is a favorite amongst women. In place of the industrial thread commonly used, yarn hair (Brazilian wool) is good for braids, twisting, yarn dreads and faux locs. Its affordability and long lasting locs are the main reasons why it’s in demand.

    Infinix Zero 3: At the 4th position is Infinix Zero 3 which is presently one of the best and most affordable smartphones available. Launched in December 2015 as a successor to Infinix Zero 2, it has a 2.2GHz octa-core CPU, Android 5.1 Lollipop OS, up to 5248 x 3936-pixel and an autofocus camera with LED flash. Infinix Zero has undoubtedly blown the mind of many.

    Cape Top Dress:
This trendy and fashionable wear earned the 5th spot on our list. The attached cape which comes as off shoulder is what makes this dress attractive. It’s often made in different styles and colors.

Kaymu BI and SEO teams’ top 5 most purchased items in Q1 2016:

    Android Tablet with Detachable Keyboard -7': This Android tablet tops our list of most purchased items for Q1 2016. It supports Wi-Fi, 2G and 3G, it has a front and back camera with a flashlight, a built-in 3D accelerator and an enabled support for 3D gaming. Its affordability has earned it the rank of the most purchased item.

    Invisible Five Toes Socks : These super comfortable socks with medium thickness have gotten all male fashion lovers hooked.  They are fashionable yet lined with deodorant to eliminate foot odours. They are durable, stylish, and certainly comfortable to be worn with mocassins, loafers, or any other low-cut shoes accompanying a traditional outfit.

    White Leopard Skin Woven Watch: For a while now, fashionable wrist watches have remained one of the most purchased items, but this white leopard skin woven watch tops the list. With a weekly sold-out record, this watch is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

    Teeth Whitening Gel Pen: At the 4th spot is the teeth whitening gel pen made to refine the color of the teeth which produces clear results immediately after the first round of use.Quite convenient and simple to use, the teeth whitening gel pen is an effective choice for those looking for an easy fix for their imperfect teeth.

    Power Bank with USB Lamp - 30000mAh: Specially designed for USB enabled devices with a 5V port, this power bank is an external battery that offers power supply to gadgets (Phones, Tablets,Laptops). Its popularity and high demand earned it the 5th spot on our list. Surely, with recurring fuel and power issues in the country, it’s hard to find somebody not carrying a Power Bank these days.

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