BrandArena: Massey Ferguson Introductes New MF 6700 Series

Monday 22 February 2016

Massey Ferguson Introductes New MF 6700 Series

Massey Ferguson, a worldwide brand of AGCO, is proud to announce the introduction of the new MF 6700 Series, a major step forward in the evolution of the Massey Ferguson Global Series.

The new MF 6700 Series is the most powerful range in the Massey Ferguson Global Series with engine power outputs from 112hp to 132hp.

Following the path set out by the MF 4700 Series for a strong workhorse across a full range of applications, the MF 6700 Series provides greater performance in a modern straightforward design, low cost of ownership and enhanced reliability.

Aimed at larger farms in Africa and the Middle East, the MF 6700 Platform Series may be the enterprise’s main cultivations tractor, or take the role of all-round workhorse where there are already more powerful tractors in the fleet.

Thierry Lhotte, Massey Ferguson Vice-President Marketing, Europe/Africa/Middle East, explains: “This range represents a key element in our ‘three-segment tractor strategy’ in Africa and the Middle East, aimed to provide farmers with the right choice of machines across a spectrum of power and specification requirements. The three segments comprise progressive Emerging Farmers; Established Farmers; and Larger Agricultural Businesses including Contractors and Fleet owners.

The MF 6700 Global Series is ideal for this third segment, offering carefully balanced technology and a modern design with power capabilities required by large farms and estates.”

“This is a very important tractor for Massey Ferguson in Africa and the Middle East, offering farmers more power and increased versatility, while retaining the straightforward dependability and ease of operation that the Global Series has become renowned for. The latest technology is combined with familiar controls and excellent service access to make the MF 6700 an invaluable power unit for any farming operation”, Ashley Fleming, Marketing Specialist, Massey Ferguson for Africa and Middle East said. 

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