BrandArena: 5 Reasons you Should Never Date a Girl that ‘Hates’ Travelling

Thursday 25 February 2016

5 Reasons you Should Never Date a Girl that ‘Hates’ Travelling

An amiable relationship is not restricted to visiting malls, watching romantic movies and having late night dinners. Dating partners should also go on vacation regularly because it is a proven fact that couples that travel together stay together.

However, if the girl you are about to date dislikes travelling,, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares the following  5 reasons why you should immediately search for another beau.

She may not love you

They may have flight phobia which makes them dislike travelling. But this is not enough reason for them to outrightly reject travelling with you. The advantages of spending time with you should far outweigh any other excuse. Versatile travellers love and appreciate one another. If its true love, your partner will jump at most travel opportunities to be with you.

No opportunity to try something new

Addicted travellers are always encountering and having refreshing experiences. From meeting new people, speaking a different dialect, tasting an appetising cuisine and engaging with locals are moments couples should cherish. For example, junketing from Lagos to Port Harcourt will expose you to a whole new chapter of life especially for partners leaving Lagos for the first time. So why should your partner resist such an exciting vacation break?

The attraction will fade

Makeup and dressing to nines alone cannot make you super attractive. A medley of hiking to different parts of Nigeria will make partners attractive. With your exclusive experiences, your friends will always want to hang out with and both of you will be the envy of  others. In fact, other people will love to their relationship to be like yours.

You will never expand your horizon

Travellers are knowledgeable and smart. It makes them think beyond their immediate environment thus giving them a whole new life perspective. Except a partner prefers to be confined to their immediate environs, they will have a skewed perception about life. You do not want to date a person whose perception are largely influenced by their ambiance. Travelling takes you outside the box.

Always misunderstanding  each other

Surmounting travel upheavals is a unique feature that must not be traded for any other experience in this world. The more you travel the more you understand each other and agree on best solutions to resolve any ‘crises’. But the opposite will be the case if one of the partners have an insatiable dislike for adventure.

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