BrandArena: Anything like a Perfect Car? Here’s What OLX Found Out!

Tuesday 26 January 2016

Anything like a Perfect Car? Here’s What OLX Found Out!

It is no secret that Nigerians love their cars. The average Nigerian is very informed about cars and has a conscious familiarity with car brands, models and specifications. Debating about the perfect car is a favourite pastime amongst youngsters and car lovers.

Lola Masha, Country Manager, OLX added that in reality there is no such thing as a perfect car. However, “A perfect car best suits the needs of the user ranging  from price, durability, style and family size”.

Over the years, certain car brands have been recognized as being best suited for Nigerian roads but identifying the best car for Nigeria is still a personal choice.

For instance, a first-time car owner who is a young professional and falls within the middle-income class is likely to choose a car that is cost effective to maintain and has good second-hand value. The family man with kids will be concerned about size while the luxury buyer will be particular about the brand that fits his status.

The search for the perfect car among Nigerians led leading online classified, OLX to conduct a survey with 813 respondents. Respondents were asked to describe the perfect car.

From the hilarious to the impossible, the responses centered on cost, durability, versatility, complexity, speed, efficiency, handling, appearance, emissions, luxury and of course fun.  Some respondents are of the opinion that the perfect car is cheap to acquire and maintain, while for others, it’s a car with an eternal lifespan not powered by fuel but powers itself.

For another set of respondents a perfect car is a brand new car or a used car with the engine in good condition, great interior, low mileage and good service history. For others, a car with the speed of lightning which can react faster than the driver would be most ideal. Some went as far as wishing for a car that can fly to avoid traffic.

Though the responses were wide-ranging, it appears that the perfect car is one that is well maintained and meets the owner’s lifestyle needs.

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