BrandArena: 5 ways Lagosians transform unwanted Christmas gifts

Friday 18 December 2015

5 ways Lagosians transform unwanted Christmas gifts

Lagos houses a dramatic society, and its inhabitants like to do things elaborately, especially when it comes to giving gifts However, a lot of people do not always have the best taste and can end up sticking you with a dress, a size too big or shoe that pinches in all the wrong places.

Rather than throwing them away,, Africa’s no.1 online hotel booking portal has put together a list of tips to help you tactfully transfer these items to a new user in a rewarding way.

Sell the gifts online

If the gift is not homemade, a hand-me-down or an old family heirloom, chances are you may fetch some money for your unwanted gift on certain sites online.

All you need to do is upload the details and photos to one of the many online marketplaces now present in the city, such as Kaymu, Efiritin, and OLX. before posting your sale, ensure you do your research, that way you are sure to ask for a reasonable price .

Re-gift the present

The unfortunate thing about gifts in Lagos is that most of the givers take out the price tag and  receipt so there is a very slim chance of returning it to the store and asking for refund.

However, the good thing is that you can always re-gift it. It is not an unfair thing to do, you are only being practical. At some point in the future, you are bound to get an invite to an impromptu birthday or wedding, and those unwanted gifts become true gems. It is important to remember who gifted you with the present in the first place, that way you do not run the risk of re-gifting the person with the item they gave you in the first place.

Donate to charity
There is always someone who has a need but cannot afford that item you do not want. Whatever your reasons for not wanting to keep Christmas presents, you can put them to good use by donating it to charity. This way, you can make a real difference in another person’s life.

From orphanages, foster homes and homes for the disabled to charity shops, there are so many places that will gladly receive clean clothes, shoes, home ware, books, and antiques. The joy that comes from this kind of giving that is priceless.

Swapping party

It may not be very common but swap parties are held in different areas within Lagos throughout the year. Friends connect in a group and exchange possessions over a couple of drinks. They set certain guidelines and everyone benefits from it in the long run.

Stay alert on Instagram or Twitter for such opportunities or arrange one on your own. Pick a venue, invite friends, make the rules easy (just to ensure one person does not run off with all the good stuff) and start swapping.

The good thing about life is that almost everything can be used in different ways or modified into something entirely new – depending on the user’s perspective. For instance, a toothbrush that is too tiny or too soft can be used for the hair (edge control), and a wrapper can be remodeled into a lovely flare skirt or party dress.

Rather than just tossing things aside, use your imagination to transform the gift into something much more brilliant and useful to you. That way, you cut out the guilt that comes with knowing you rejected a friend’s gift and spare the giver the agony of finding out later on that his or her gift was unused.

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