BrandArena: Are you looking for entertainment? Here are 5 great entertainers and celebrities to follow on Twitter

Tuesday 1 September 2015

Are you looking for entertainment? Here are 5 great entertainers and celebrities to follow on Twitter

Twitter is a vital communications platform that helps bridge the gap between people and some of their favorite celebrities. Fans of radio and TV personalities, musicians, athletes and politicians, will no doubt be able to discover like-minded individuals on Twitter. 

Celebrities have always struggled to communicate directly with their fans through traditional tools like interviews and live shows, not giving them the means to converse with their fans in real time. Twitter  helps them find new and meaningful ways to interact, inspire, and engage with their fans.

If you want to liven up your timeline, here are some of the entertainers to follow on Twitter:

@DonJazzy, the @MavinRecords CEO, is known for his witty banter on Twitter, connects with his 1.6 million followers by conducting giveaway competitions, exchanging jokes, and crowdsourcing opinions through his Twitter handle. He uses hashtags and mentions to liven up his Twitter feed.

@WizKidAyo is known for his music and constant features with international artists across the globe. With over 1 million followers, he stays ahead of trends by releasing his new music first on Twitter. When his follower shared a video of a marriage proposal using a song from @WizKidAyo, he enjoyed it so much that he offered to perform at their wedding for free.

@TiwaSavage also known as the first lady of @MavinRecords and one of the best female singers across Nigeria, is a figure to be reckoned with on Twitter. From her handle, she shares sneak peeks of her personal life which is well sought after by her 1.14 million followers. The multi award winning singer who also happens to be @Pepsi’s first African female ambassador continues to be an inspiring icon in Nigeria. Following her on Twitter keeps you instantly updated with firsthand information from the star herself.

@BEZidakula is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, singer and songwriter popularly known for his unique alternative soul music genre. His inspirational music and quotes are constantly shared on Twitter as a way to encourage, reach out and engage his 52 thousand followers on Twitter. 

@I_amDavido is a multi-platinum selling, award winning artist who shares his music and adventurous lifestyle with his 1.36 million followers from across the globe.

Twitter has given people the opportunity to build special bonds with some of their favorite celebrities. Whether you are on the move or at your desk, take a chance and start a conversation with a celebrity on Twitter.

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