BrandArena: 'USA Today' May Shut Down Daily Print Edition

Friday 22 May 2015

'USA Today' May Shut Down Daily Print Edition

Technology, internet and social media are changing the face of everything across the world and who so ever chooses not to adjust to the 'New World' might probably end up settling for another 'planet' because this is just be beginning of the evolving phenomenon.

There have been a significant decline of print newspapers globally in the last decade. The audience are changing and so, every business owner planning to still be relevant in the future need to embrace the technology and all in-between.

According to Editor in Chief David Callaway, USA Today may cease publishing a daily print edition within the next five or six years.

During a panel discussion about the “Future of Media,” part of the Internet Week conference on Wednesday, Callaway, according to Media Post said that the newspaper will continue publishing some sort of print product for years to come.

"If USA Today were to shutter its daily print edition, it would become the second major U.S. newspaper to go online only, following the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, which went all digital with drastic personnel cuts in 2009", Media Post said.

It reported that other newspapers "have cut back their publishing schedules, including The Detroit News and Detroit Free Press and the New Orleans Times-Picayune, while others have simply closed altogether, including the New York Sun and Rocky Mountain News".

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