BrandArena: Heritage Bank Formally Unveils Zuriel As Brand Ambassador

Wednesday 27 May 2015

Heritage Bank Formally Unveils Zuriel As Brand Ambassador

Coinciding with the 2015 Children's Day celebration to signify the position of youths in the future of Nigeria, and on the eve of Nigeria's government transition, Nigeria's newest financial institution Heritage Bank has formally unveiled Zuriel Oduwole as their Brand Ambassador across its branches in Nigeria. Heritage Bank acquired Enterprise Bank recently, taking it from less than 20 to more than 160 branches nationwide.

Later today, she would be hosting hundreds of children and youths at the Inspiration FM Children's day carnival at the Dream World Amusement park in Lagos.

As the worlds youngest movie maker at 12 years of age, and recently featured on CNN's African Voices after extensive features on CNBC , the BBC and Bloomberg TV, she embodies the can do spirit of the future, a spirit parents want their children to imbibe, one that children want to be part off, and an example of where Africa sees her children and her future headed towards.

In March 2015, ELLE Magazine listed her as one of "33 Women Who Impacted The World" in 2015, for their annual survey. Others on the impressive list include the Federal Reserve Bank Chairperson - Janet Yellen, and the President of General Motors Worldwide - Mary Barra.

At age 12, she is the youngest person on that very impressive global list.

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