BrandArena: Google To Produce Pilot-less Airliners?

Wednesday 6 May 2015

Google To Produce Pilot-less Airliners?

Interestingly, automated economic reality is moving off the science fiction pages and into daily life. After its driverless car, Google appears to be considering pilotless planes.
Plane. Image source: Press Citizen
The chief of Google Inc.’s experimental cargo-drone program wants to see automated flight go beyond pilotless planes and extend to commercial air travel, Bloomberg reports.

According to Dave Vos, Head of Google’s Project Wing, flying can be made safer once aircraft aren’t designed around the need for humans at the controls.
“That’s a fantastic future to aim for”, Vos was quoted to have said in the report in Atlanta during a panel discussion at the annual conference of the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International on Tuesday.

The report also stated that: Transitioning airliners to robotic supervision would be a leap beyond Google’s research into fields such as self-driving cars. While pilots already rely on computerized control systems and navigation aids, planes move in three dimensions, not just two as do motor vehicles. That adds complexity — and risk — to any technology that would replace humans in the cockpit.

Some experts believe a pilot-less plan is possible and that technology should be encouraged.

The question is: Would you be willing to fly on a plane with no pilot?

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