BrandArena: FCMB Unveils New Corporate Identity

Tuesday 14 April 2015

FCMB Unveils New Corporate Identity

First City Monument Bank Limited has unveiled a refreshed corporate identity, modifying its logo to reflect its new culture, commitment and approach.

The bank's colour of black and gold which spoke to an exclusive audience have been replaced by a vibrant combination of purple and yellow, speaking to a broader audience.

Purple is a warm, bold and comforting colour. Purple stands for wisdom, independence, ambition and success. It is the colour of good judgment and is said to promote collaboration, creativity and imagination.

Yellow is our new gold. It is an optimistic, cheerful and happy colour. Yellow represents energy, vitality and life, and is said to invigorate and stimulate the mind and intellect.

"Our new logo represents the customer-focused bank FCMB has evolved into. So much more than an investment bank, FCMB is an inclusive retail bank that delivers exceptional customer service and opens opportunities for you, our customer.

"As FCMB has grown, we needed to realign our image with what we have become and this is reflected in our exciting new logo and brand identity", the bank said in a post on his official facebook page.

However, FCMB still maintain its ‘My Bank and I', punchline which was meant to communicate the passion of the brand to serve its patrons.

FCMB Ltd. is a full service banking group, headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. FCMB Ltd. is the flagship company of the First City Group, one of Nigeria’s leading comprehensive financial services.

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