BrandArena: Top 10 Ways to Avoid Immigration Problems

Wednesday 11 March 2015

Top 10 Ways to Avoid Immigration Problems

Travelling the world can be one of the most fulfilling things you will do. You get to meet people, see new places and sometimes you can fall in love with the destinations you discover.

People have been travelling across the world since the beginning of time, settling in places that provide more warmth, shelter or greener pastures. In recent times, this trend has evolved; more people are settling in new countries not for warmth but for adventure, for the love of beauty rather than shelter, and for a better economy rather than green vegetation. All this is laced with a set of processes and protocols that have stirred some away from taking the big leap.

If you’ve been thinking of moving to your dream country,, Africa’s No. 1 Hotel Booking Portal has put together 10 ways to avoid troubles when filing for immigration. 

Get Ready For Delays

Immigration offices are constantly behind schedule, especially in countries with high applicant numbers like the USA and Canada. Some applications can take up to three years to process. Do not wait until the last minute to file your immigration papers. Authorities of the country you are applying to have the power to arrest you and even deport you, if you are found with expired documents. Ensure that you submit your immigration application with plenty of time before the expiration of your travel documents. 

Provide Accurate Information

Try your hardest to provide the most correct and up-to-date information on your application. You don’t want to be caught up in the middle with any implicating information that can put a halt to your application and even deter you from applying again. 

Follow All The Steps

When filing an immigration application, the procedures can be tedious but your best bet is following the rules and completing every form with the required details and necessary documents. It is very important that you do all that is required to make sure that you do not run into problems later. 

Be Discreet

Most countries that grant immigration to foreigners don’t often appreciate when tourists come to stay for longer. When visiting a city for immigration with a tourist visa, avoid carrying items that might indicate that you want to stay longer, like a job application. 

Keep Track of Your Application

After filing your application for immigration, be your own watchdog and always keep tabs on your application status. Save some extra copies of your documents and be sure to send the necessary documents to the right office via the right means to avoid any issues. 

Be Aware

Constantly check for new laws regarding the country you are filing an application for. Immigration laws can change in a short time and you may find yourself in a situation where your eligibility is jeopardised. Staying in the loop of evolving trends in immigration can save you a lot of stress along the way. 

File Multiple Immigration Applications

For most countries, there is usually more than one way to qualify for immigration. It may be through work, marriage or family. Find out what ways you qualify for immigration and file applications for all of them. This will give you more options if one of your applications gets denied. In the event that you are denied immigration, find out what the minimum waiting time is then apply again. 

Be Punctual

Make sure that you are always on time to every appointment at an embassy or consulate. Punctuality can help you stay on top of your immigration application and avoid any unnecessary delays. Immigration applications are very time-sensitive so if you’re not available at the scheduled time, your immigration can be delayed and your spot may be given to somebody else. 

Do Your Research

Finding reliable immigration information can be difficult when you have only friends and family to rely on. There are common misconceptions about immigration that your close friends may tell you about but it is always best to confirm from the official website of the immigration office. Even if the advice is coming from someone who has gone through the same process, please keep in mind that your legal situation is unique and may be different from that of the person giving the advice. 

Seek Legal Advice

With so many forms, procedures and protocols, it can just be too much to bear all at once. In cases like that, a lawyer can help you. There are lawyers who specialise in immigration who can save you a lot of time and stress when dealing with immigration issues. Lawyers can provide you with accurate information, help you process your immigration application and also give you legal advice.

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