BrandArena: Expo Effect: Milan hotel rates rise by 5 %

Monday 16 March 2015

Expo Effect: Milan hotel rates rise by 5 %

Expo is starting to kick in, at least in hotel rates in Italy and in Milan particularly;

One of the effects with the nearing of the Universal Exhibition, in fact, is the increase in the average price of hotel rooms.

Just a few months away from the beginning of Expo, Milan sees an increase of 5% in the prices of hotels: the average rate per overnight stay in the Lombard capital is of 106 Euros.

Increase in prices even in Rome (+3.1%) which, even though it still constitutes a valid low cost alternative for tourists all over the world, it places in fifth position as one of the most expensive cities of Italy. An hotel stay under the Cupolone costs about 100 Euros per night.

These statistics are the result of the Price Radar for the third trimester of 2014 of HRS, the global hotel solutions provider leader in Europe for business travel. It also shows, moreover, that Rome and Florence place equally with 100 Euros per night and an average increase of about 2%.

The price as least expensive city goes to Naples (73 Euros, +1.4%) followed by Turin (75 Euros, the main city has decreased further its prices, -12.7%) and Bologna (86 Euros, +14.7%).

Among the most expensive cities is, obviously, Venice (140 Euros per night notwithstanding a decrease in prices equal to 2.7%), followed by Verona (117 Euros, same as last year) and Bolzano (third with 113 Euros and a decrease of 5%).

Source: 4Hoteliers

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