BrandArena: SkyType: Use web interface to control and type on your Windows Phone

Thursday 15 January 2015

SkyType: Use web interface to control and type on your Windows Phone

Have you ever wanted to use your computer or any other device with a nice keyboard to type on your Windows Phone really fast?

Well now you can thanks to the SkyType! Use any other device in the same Wi-Fi network to type SMS, E-Mail, to exchange complex internet links or copy text between devices and much more all without the internet connectivity and additional software.

SkyType sleek responsive web interface is based on latest frameworks like jQuerry and Twitter Bootstrap that offers fast and beautiful user experience. All you need to do is use the other device web browser to access the SkyType web interface and type on your Windows Phone - easy as that !

Features: + Type SMS, Chat messages (Viber, WhatsApp support) and E-mails.

  • Send and open complex internet links on your phone.
  • Copy text from your computer to your phone clipboard !
  • Copy text from your Phone to your computer or OneDrive with one tap.
  • 3rd Party apps support - Search in-app, send links, coordinates and more.
  • Supports UC Browser, Surfy, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, MixRadio, TubeCast, MetroTube, Maps, Windows Phone Store.
  • Dial numbers, Access your contacts, Share complex texts and much more.
  • Full support for all languages and character sets.
  • Compatibility mode
  • Free app in active development and support.
SkyType also feature optional COMPATIBILITY MODE for old web browsers and devices.Type on your brand new Surface 3 Pro or use your old Windows 95 machine - SkyType does not care about the machine age, OS or form factor as long as you have at least JavaScript compatible web browser.

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