BrandArena: You Can Now Chat Anonymously! Thanks To Facebook's New App 'Rooms'

Friday, 31 October 2014

You Can Now Chat Anonymously! Thanks To Facebook's New App 'Rooms'

Facebook, Inc has launched its new app, "Rooms" across iOS devices in the US, with an eventual roll-out to more devices and areas.

The new Facebook app is a place where you can chat with other like-minded people about most anything, from the World Series to 18th century playwrights, and because you needn’t use your real name when joining one of its chat rooms, you have a freedom to express yourself that you wouldn’t have on, say, the main Facebook app.

At this stage, the app is only receiving a small rollout in the US App Store.

According to Facebook's Josh Miller, the man behind the app's development, the plan is for a larger scale rollout worldwide within the next few weeks. Plans are also underway to iron out small details and work on releasing a few more core facilities.

Rooms Inc founders are discussing legal action

According to reports by ValueWalk, Rottemberg and his co-founder Frank-David Cohen are discussing the possibility of filing a legal action against Facebook Inc, according to a spokesperson for Room Inc.

Rottemberg reportedly issued a statement to 9to5Mac that they do not know what happened whether something was leaked from Venture Capitals they were talking to, Facebook executives on their friends list or friends of friends working at the social network giant.

He added that maybe someone at Facebook saw their app and thought it was cool enough to copy.

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