BrandArena: John Lewis marks 150-year anniversary with nostalgic campaign

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

John Lewis marks 150-year anniversary with nostalgic campaign

Bringing back the old and beloved visuals, and the rollout of promotional elements that mix nostalgic twists with tributes to the present, John Lewis marked its 150th anniversary with a massive effort that involves a release of products as part of new creative collaborations. “For 150 years, you’ve never stood still. Neither have we,” reads the tagline.

In digital, the celebration rolls out on a bunch of social media channels as well as on the platform, where the retailer engages the audience. Among others, John Lewis brings back special edition prints from its rich archives, combining them with the contemporary products.

The retailer also collaborates with some of its longstanding suppliers to release a range of “unique and exclusive commemorative products” across all the departments. Plus, John Lewis is releasing A Very British Revolution: 150 Years of John Lewis Book by Jonathan Glancey that recaps “the remarkable vision of John Spedan Lewis who transformed a clutch of Victorian department stores into a revolutionary, employee-owned business.”

The nostalgic advert was unveiled during Britain's Got Talent on Monday, May 3, 2014 and also launched on YouTube.

The clip starts with a schoolboy walking down a corridor before it cuts to an elegant woman from the Sixties being greeted by a man who tips his bowler hat. Other notable scenes include a fitness fanatic working out to an aerobics show on his television in an Eighties living room, complete with smoked-glass and chrome furnishings. While the closing titles read: "For 150 years you've never stood still. Neither have we."

On its official Facebook page, John Lewis posts a series of vintage pictures, reminding us of various designer decades and directing consumers to the hub to discover more anniversary-inspired fashion.

The company has has grown from a humble draper’s shop opened in 1864, to the £4 billion international, award-winning business it is today.

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