BrandArena: CNN African Voices features African power couple

Thursday 22 August 2013

CNN African Voices features African power couple

African Voices, the weekly show that highlights Africa's most engaging personalities, will this week feature Nigerian native Patricia Mawa and Ugandan born Moses Mawa, the power couple who use media to bring African culture to Canada.

In an interview with CNN’s Paula Newton, they share how a chance meeting in Canada became a partnership that is behind both a budding media empire, and a loving marriage.

The Mawas are at the helm of Silver Trust Media, which manages two television programs and three magazine publications as well as production and marketing for clients that range from local businesses to international embassies.

Moses Mawa explained that there are three key areas that are a part of the Silver Trust Media; “The first one is the Planet Africa brand where we have the television show, the magazine, and the awards program. The second brand is where we have Diversity magazine, one of the most widely read publications in Canada.”

The third part of the organization is the Destiny brand. “We have Destiny magazine at this moment. In 2005, we actually launched a show called Destiny Television which focuses on profiles and stories with a sort of Christian content,” he said.

Patricia Mawa is not only her husband's partner in all of this, but she is also the host of ‘Planet Africa’, a weekly program that focuses on African culture and current affairs.

For the past nine years, Moses and Patricia Mawa have planned and produced the Planet Africa Awards gala in Toronto, Canada; a glitzy affair that recognizes people of African descent for their contributions to the society.

For more information, viewers can visit; the show’s Facebook page: and on Twitter: @africavoicesCNN

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