BrandArena: Dell sends solar powered lab to Nigeria to boost access to education and opportunities for the future

Tuesday 9 July 2013

Dell sends solar powered lab to Nigeria to boost access to education and opportunities for the future

Dell has launched its first solar powered lab also known as the ZubaBox mobile classroom in Africa to provide increased opportunities for learning to students with little or no access to technology or the Internet.

The solar powered lab, which has arrived on-site at a Senior School in Nigeria’s largest city, Lagos, removes the need to connect to any electrical infrastructure and provides an affordable education solution for the local community. Equipped with an innovative-shared computing solution from Dell Wyse, the Dell ZubaBox opens up new teaching possibilities and the personal development of students through enhanced training and education.

Many people in developing countries, particularly in rural areas, have limited access to electricity and the Internet. The ZubaBox concept, which comprises a standard shipping container that is converted into a mobile classroom, was pioneered by UK based charity Computer Aid International to harness the power from the sun and to provide internet connectivity for students in communities.

David Angwin, Marketing Director, Dell EMEA says “Technology is a powerful enabler, while connectivity and access have become vital tools that children all over the world need to be able to further their education. Part of our role as a global technology leader is to work together with our partners to broaden the perspectives and confidence of children to encourage them to see the wider world and to provide them with a brighter future. With the ZubaBox we can make this a reality, bringing access to new educational opportunities every day.”

Working in close partnership with Computer Aid on the project, Dell installed a Dell Wyse shared computing system in the ZubaBox consisting of one powerful PC networked to ten ‘zero client’ workstations. This not only gives the teacher full visibility of what the students are working on across each of the ten monitors but offers centralised control of the class to keep everyone focussed on the current task.  

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