BrandArena: Yahoo! Introduces New Sports App

Monday, 17 June 2013

Yahoo! Introduces New Sports App

Yahoo! has released a new sports app, Yahoo! Sports to revamped its 'Sportacular'. Users can now Login to Yahoo! Sports and sync their favorite teams across mobile apps and the web.

The App is now available as a free download, Yahoo! Sports 4.0 is now a universal app. The iPad version delivers an even better experience with faster and easier navigation.

"Today we’re excited to introduce the new Yahoo! Sports app, formerly named Sportacular.  The Yahoo! Sports app brings together the best of Sportacular with new features including more content, faster experience and a redesign for iOS devices (now including iPad!) and Android smartphones", Brian Mead, Director, Product Management said on

"With the new iPad version we’ve focused on making our Yahoo! Sports app faster and easier to scan, navigate and consume.  We’ve used the extra screen space to make sure you can read the articles while keeping an eye on all the action", he said.   

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  1. We are pretty much in the world of app now