BrandArena: SatADSL to present satellite solutions at AITEC Conference in Lagos

Saturday 9 March 2013

SatADSL to present satellite solutions at AITEC Conference in Lagos

SatADSL, a Belgium-based satellite service operator and a partner of SES Broadband Services, is set to present new solutions for supporting the deployment of nation-wide ATM networks in Africa at the upcoming AITEC Mobile Money Conference to be held in Lagos next week.

SatADSL offers specialized products and services aiming at boosting the operations of financial institutions in Africa independently from any terrestrial infrastructure. SatADSL will present at the event its unique solutions tailor-made for the African banking and financial community.

SatADSL presents at AITEC a new solution for supporting the deployment of nation-wide ATM terminals (Automatic Telling Machines). This new service will allow ATM operators to deploy cash machines in small cities where terrestrial communication services are not available, unreliable or too expensive.

This new service has been successfully demonstrated and used by several African banks that are planning large scale ATM deployments over the continent.

SatADSL prioritizes the business-critical transactions with the guarantee that these transactions will always go through, with a reliable and financially affordable solution in both investment (CAPEX) and operational (OPEX) costs. Finally, SatADSL offers the most optimized solutions for reliable and cost-effective connection for off-site ATM terminals.

"Financial institutions often offer excellent service in the main cities where adequate telecommunications means are available: fiber connections, WiMax, etc. However, in remote locations where the population is less dense, telecommunication links may not be as reliable and are much less adapted to the requirements of financial institutions. That is where SatADSL comes in with specialised  services to support the financial institutions’ remote offices as well as cash machines in performing according to their customers expectations. Though traditional VSAT services could offer similar technical solutions, they are typically much more expensive and obviously not cost-effective for ATM networks" said Jerome van der Putt, head of sales at SatADSL.

“We are currently leading 3 pilot projects for ATM deployment with banks in Ghana, Cameroon and Zambia and are bringing into the Nigerian market local insights and expertise” he added.

Jerome van der Putt will be speaking on Wednesday the 13th of March at the AITEC Conference held at EKO Hotel, Kuramo Waters, Victoria Island, Lagos, during Session 2 starting at 11:30 a.m. SatADSL will also welcome the visitors at its booth A2 located just alongside the conference room.

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