BrandArena: Oral B Celebrates World Oral Health Day With Nigerian Children

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Oral B Celebrates World Oral Health Day With Nigerian Children

As part of the activities to commemorate World Oral Health day (WOHD), Oral-B demonstrated her purpose of promoting Oral health in Nigeria, by celebrating WOHD with Nigerian primary school children at an event hosted by the brand at Chrisland Primary School, Ikeja.

The Brand Operations Integration Leader of P&G- Mrs. Mokutima Ajileye, during her address at the event stated “Oral-B is committed to providing oral health education to Nigerians not just today on WOHD but always. Oral health is at the core of our brand purpose and this can be seen in the superior protective quality of Oral-B and through the free services we provide with the Oral-B mobile dental clinic program. Ajileye continued saying that “At Procter and Gamble our aim is to touch and improve the lives of consumers with all our products. Oral-B furthers this goal by raising awareness about oral hygiene by giving education on the importance on good oral practices and disease prevention.

Also speaking at the event, celebrity artist and dentist, Dr Sid (Sidney Esiri) encouraged the children present to take their oral hygiene seriously; “You have to learn good oral hygiene habits early so that you can protect your teeth” stated the artist. Esiri continued saying that, “I commend Procter and Gamble for educating Nigerians about oral hygiene through their Oral-B brand”

The Oral-B WOHD event was concluded with dental presentations given to the students present by members of the Nigerian dental association, after which each child present received a dental check at the Oral B mobile dental clinic.

P&G is a key stakeholder on Oral care worldwide with the company investing approximately billions of dollars in Research and development annually in order to innovate to produce world class products that meet the needs and budgets of her consumers, one of which is the Oral B Pro Health All- Round protection tooth paste. This again is the first and only toothpaste that combines two powerful ingredients, stannous fluoride & Polychelation technology for all round protection for the mouth.

Additionally, Oral-B Pro-Health All-Round protection- which is endorsed by the Nigerian Dental Association is a multi-specialist toothpaste that provides several health benefits in the 8 areas that dentists check the most namely-cavities, gum problems, plaque, sensitivity, enamel erosion, tartar, staining and bad breath).

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