BrandArena: Coca-Cola Launches Happy Places, New Branded Photo-Sharing Network

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Coca-Cola Launches Happy Places, New Branded Photo-Sharing Network

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With photo-sharing platforms becoming a new trend most especially among the youths all across the globe, one of the leading world brand, Coca-Cola set to unveil a new destination which also seems to be working as a social network (at 

With the new application, users can create their Happy Moments offline when they want it, and then upload them when they have the Internet connection. 

In addition, users can share the Happy Moments with their friends on Facebook. Presently, the platform is inactive, but Coca-Cola released a free iOS app on the iTunes store on Thursday, November 1, which allows to see what the new platform will be like.

Coca-Cola has continue to encourage its fans to share their happiest moments with a user-friendly app, which allows to create Happy Places profiles and browse photos. 

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