BrandArena: La Casera Launches Nirvana Soda Water, Tonic Water into Market

Saturday, 4 August 2012

La Casera Launches Nirvana Soda Water, Tonic Water into Market

La Casera Company Limited, makers of such leading CSD brands as La Casera Apple and the Latina Range of Sugar Free Fruit Drinks, has formally introduced Nirvana Soda Water and Tonic Water drinks into the Nigerian market.

Speaking at the Launch which recently took place in the relaxed ambience of the Lagos Yacht Club in Victoria Island, Head of Distribution of the La Casera Company Limited, Mr. Guna Sekaran, revealed to members of the Press that a lot of thought and research had gone into making the two Nirvana Drink variants.

“We recognise that there is a significant segment of the Nigerian market that demands premium, affordable quality drinks. As the name Nirvana implies, these Drinks offer a great-tasting and refreshing escape from the stress and hustle of daily life. Nirvana Soda Water is a refreshing low calorie drink, which appeals to young and sociable upwardly-mobile professional Men and Women. They enjoy feeling and looking good so they tend to go for low-calorie or zero-calorie soft drinks either on the go or at their favourite hangouts.”

The Nirvana Tonic Water and Soda Water variants have now been officially launched into the market; The Products have enjoyed massive demands from consumers because of the great taste and affordability.