BrandArena: Investigative journalism gets the YouTube treatment

Saturday 4 August 2012

Investigative journalism gets the YouTube treatment

This is very interesting. The Centre for Investigative Reporting (CIR) has launched a YouTube channel in partnership with some of the biggest players in the media industry.

Last month, the video sharing platform launched a face-blurring tool to help secure anonymity when posting footage, and now it presents a new channel, The I Files, dedicated to investigative reporting.

The new channel on YouTube is designed as “a hub and community for investigative journalism on the web, showcasing reporting that digs deep into stories, gives background to complex issues, and reveals details that help us make better sense of our world,” writes David Gehring, News Content Partnerships Manager, in the post on the YouTube blog.

YouTube reports that news-related content is now the now 72 hours of videos uploaded to YouTube every minute. Today, when information spreads as fast as never before, and people are greatly empowered with digital tools, audience wants to get a deeper insight into the social, economical and environmental problems to take thoughtful actions.

An initiative of the Knight Foundation, the IFiles will be curated by the CIR and will feature content from the likes of the BBC, the New York Times, Al Jazeera, and the Investigative News Network (INN). Independent filmmakers and freelance video journalists will also get a chance to have their work featured on the channel.

YouTube has been serving as a hub for both entertainment and news-related footage for years, and has turned into a platform for latest citizen-uploaded footage videos on things happening around the globe, from street disturbances and demonstrations, to on-the-spot reporting covering elections or natural disasters.


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