BrandArena: LG Introduces World’s First Scanner Mouse

Thursday 1 September 2011

LG Introduces World’s First Scanner Mouse

LG Electronics is working hard to provide its consumers with solutions, which help save money and space. The brand has released the light, portable and cost-effective Scanner Mouse or LSM-100, which can be used both as a mouse and scanner to capture, save and edit hard copy documents. With the new device, which is already available from Amazon,, Dabs and from £89.99, old and big scanners pass into history, giving way to more innovative offerings.

To start capturing images with the Scanner Mouse, a user is just to press the scan button and manage the scanning process, looking at the screen of the computer. The scanned material, with a scan size of up to A3, can be saved in a variety of formats including JPEG, PDF and PNG to name but a few and then edited in MS Office programs or other applications. “The LSM-100 is also equipped with LG’s Optical Character Recognition technology, which converts scanned text into a Microsoft Word document that can then be edited and manipulated as the user sees fit,” says the press release.

“Continual innovation and focus on research and development is at the heart of everything we do, which is why LG Electronics is by the far and away the industry leader in technology innovation. The Scanner Mouse has been designed with the user in mind to solve everyday office challenges. It enables users to quickly and easily digitize documents, allowing businesses to save costs associated with printing and filing paper. Home users can also benefit from the usability of the mouse with the ‘share’ function, adding a fun twist to a practical product,” commented Warren Lewis, LG commercial director.

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