BrandArena: Google TV is to Be Launched in the UK

Monday, 29 August 2011

Google TV is to Be Launched in the UK

Google is to launch an internet TV service in the UK. Google TV that has been available in the USA for more than a year allows users to switch between television and the web on the same device.

Google TV is an entertaining service that allows people to search all of the content on the TV and the internet by using a single click, switch between the TV and the internet on the main screen without having to adjust any cables and use iPhone or Android smartphone as a remote control. Voice search will also be available.
A wide range of applications, e.g. Twitter and Amazon will be the first to appear on the set with the Android market eventually arriving on the platform early next year. Integration of TV and internet means that viewers will be able to watch material from catch-up services such as BBC iPlayer and ITV Player on their main TV screen as well as use web search engines. A special version of YouTube in high definition is also provided on Google TV.

The key element of Google TV is a search bar. It brings together all the information, programs, internet, and media surrounding whatever users search for. The search bar makes a TV guide unnecessary and helps to enrich any programs a viewer might be interested in by offering online info.

In May, Google signed an agreement with Sony to launch the internet TV. Devices powered by Google TV now are Sony Internet TV and Blu-Ray player, and Logitech on its companion box. It’s not known yet whether Google will expand the Google TV in Europe. Probably, the company will wait until the launch in Britain to get feedback from users and broadband TV services.


  1. Please Google.. We will like to see this kind of TV in Africa too.

  2. This is good development. Google is really doing a lot in the area of technology and I would like them to increase there CSR because they are also making a lot of money every year. lol