BrandArena: Facebook launches Messenger app for mobile

Monday 15 August 2011

Facebook launches Messenger app for mobile

Facebook has launched a mobile app to let people message each other instantly from their phones.

The app allows people to send messages to more than one person at a time, and also as an SMS to a user’s phone contacts who are not on Facebook.The development of the app follows Facebook’s acquisition of mobile group messaging company Beluga in March.

Facebook engineer and Beluga co-founder Lucy Zhang, said on the company blog: “Messenger is a separate app, so it only takes one click to get to your messages or send a new one. Messages are delivered through notifications and texts, so your friends are more likely to get them right away. You can use Messenger to reach all of your friends – whether they’re on Facebook or in your phone contacts. All you have to do is type the person’s name.”

As with Facebook’s other mobile products and apps, there is not yet any commercial opportunity on the app and no advertising planned.

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