BrandArena: Nigerian telecoms needs urgent power supply

Tuesday 7 June 2011

Nigerian telecoms needs urgent power supply

THE Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has called on the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) to come up with stringent solutions in order to provide alternative power supply to telecommunication service providers in the region.

This move will enable them to deliver effective services for the consumer.

Engineer Eugene Juwah, executive vice chairman of the commission, says the current telecommunication condition can affect the efficient delivery of quality services.

“We are always ready to discuss alternate power sources and prepared to partner where there are solutions to the problem,” says Juwah.

Juwah says the partnership is necessary for Nigeria’s rapid telecommunication development.

The issue of power generation and supply to base stations across the country has continued to generate lots of interest among the players who have had to generate their own power due to lack of required supply from the Power Holding Company of Nigeria.

Sim card registration process

Meanwhile, Juwah has also reiterated the security essence of the ongoing sim card registration across the country and the determination of the Commission to conclude the process within six months.

Juwah says the NCC had met with telecoms operators and the former National Security Adviser before the registration exercise and discovered that the operators had only registered eight million out of 89 million sim cards, thereby making it necessary for the regulatory authority to step in to fast track the process. There are currently 2000 sim registration centres across the country.

Juwah stated that NCC has mobilised needed infrastructure in the six geographical zones of the country to ensure the success of the mobile registration process.


  1. Government need to provide electricity not only for the telecommunication sector alone but for everyone. Its a basic amenities which we don't have to cry for.

  2. Oh! God save Nigeria o... Nigeria need good leaders who can really save us.