BrandArena: Consumers Anticipate Excitement For Sprite Triple Slam New Season

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Consumers Anticipate Excitement For Sprite Triple Slam New Season

The Sprite Triple Slam (STS) an annual event experience that brings together a blend of Basketball, Music and Dance has kicked-off in earnest. The 2011 season media unveiling was done in Lagos amidst heavy Basketball, Music and Dance, giving members of the media and other stakeholders in attendance an opportunity to have hands on experience of the Sprite Triple Slam.

As the organizers of the event spoke through the Strategic Marketing Manager, Flavours, Bolajoko, Bayo-Ajayi, assured, “that this season will be bigger and better for those contesting for the STS”. “We have evaluated our performers for last year’s activation of the STS and have come up with certain modalities to make this year better than we’ve don”.

She further spoke on the participation by consumers. “This year individuals are allowed to pick a platform they are good in and perform as a solo act as against last year where a team made of 6 -3basketballers, 2dancers and a singer, which lowered the chances of the team members even if they did well. Because sprite is about individuality and having confidence in what you are doing, we are allowing individual act for basketball and music. Dance will still be two as we know the beauty of dance will be better appreciated when it is done by two persons which is why dance will remain two”.

Sprite Triple Slam which is targeted at the youth on campuses across Nigeria is already getting positive opinion from consumers. Tobonsun, a guest at the launch of the 2011 STS said, “STS is about fun at the same time enables youth to showcase their talents to the society. There are lots of youth with talent but no opportunity to project them, and am sure with the STS a lot of youth with burden talent will come and showcase them, from there you don’t know they can get to somewhere higher and better.” With optimism, she expresses that “even if this season of STS doesn’t produce the best dancer, basketball or singer Nigeria ever had, I belief that it would have produced someone that can showcase his talent and bring out the best of himself and eventually become the best in the future.

Another consumer Frank, whose excitement says, “the fact that this season allows individuals participate separately, I beliefs that it will create wide opportunity for lots more person to give it a try and the fact that the cash reward have also been increased to 1million naira for each contestant indeed is lot to fight for.

The STS which is billed to kick-off 1st of July to 28th of August, 2011, already commenced the digital campaign across the country on the platform of Facebook and SMS for people to register. The regional activation has been divided into Enugu, Calabar, Abuja and the grand finale in Lagos. The choice of these cities is to get a location that will serve as hub to the growing number of people who have being registering every year and to give equal opportunity to everyone.

The media unveiling saw a couple of daring journalists take on each other on their singing skills, while others showed their flexibility in dance to win lovely gifts at the occasion. The journalist who went through the rigor of the displaying their would-be talent before the judges watch of Eldee D don –an artist and music producer, Michael Egbebor, dance instructor of DNMT –Dance Na Main Thing, Mobolaji Akiode, former basketballer and one time member of the Nigeria Basketball Olympic team.

Journalist who won at the end of performers were; Yinka Adeporosi -National Mirror, Ella Olamiju –National Mirror and Yinka Adedipe- Guardian, coming first, second and third respectively in the singing competition. While Yinka Adedipe –Guardian, Ella Olamiju - National Mirror, and Goodie Ofosa –Daily Independence, taking the position of first, second and third respectively.

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  1. Plz how can I participate in the Sprite Triple Slam? I really like it. Kudos to Sprite, they are really giving more opportunities to young talents in Nigeria. I love Sprite!