BrandArena: NDPC Partners with IIM to Pioneer National Data Protection Certification in Nigeria

Monday 20 May 2024

NDPC Partners with IIM to Pioneer National Data Protection Certification in Nigeria

The Nigeria Data Protection Commission (NDPC) has forged a partnership with the Institute of Information Management (IIM) to introduce the nation's inaugural data protection certification program. The decision was to cultivate a pool of certified data protection professionals within Nigeria, addressing the escalating demand for expertise in this pivotal domain.

By introducing a nationally recognised certification program, the NDPC seeks to alleviate the reliance on costly foreign certifications, historically out of reach for many Nigerian professionals. This initiative is forecasted to generate over 500,000 new job opportunities in the burgeoning data protection sector, fortifying local capabilities and spurring economic advancement.

The NDPC's strategic move is in alignment with the global trend towards heightened data privacy and protection. With a bespoke certification program in place, data protection professionals will be equipped to navigate Nigeria's unique regulatory framework, ensuring adherence to data protection laws and upholding individuals' privacy rights.

The NDPC envisions Nigeria's certification program as a potential blueprint for other African nations, underscoring the country's dedication to data protection and its leadership in the digital realm. The initiative could serve as a catalyst for a continent-wide effort, harmonising data protection standards and fostering cross-border collaboration.

This initiative dovetails with the overarching Nigeria Data Protection Strategic Roadmap and Action Plan (NDP-SRAP 2023-2027), a comprehensive blueprint aimed at fortifying data protection practices nationwide. The national certification program is a pivotal component of this roadmap, laying the groundwork for a vibrant data protection ecosystem in Nigeria.

The Institute of Information Management (IIM) has affirmed its commitment to delivering rigorous training and certification programs in line with international standards. With a surge in demand for skilled data protection professionals, this initiative promises to cultivate a sustainable and dynamic data protection landscape in Nigeria.

In essence, the NDPC's decision to authorize data protection certifications heralds a significant milestone in Nigeria's quest for a more secure and privacy-centric digital future. By empowering local talent, reinforcing regulatory compliance, and fostering regional collaboration, Nigeria is cementing its status as a frontrunner in data protection and digital innovation.

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